The OAPS Community have been gaming since 1996.  Back in the old days when broadband was a thing of the future we would host LAN party’s around each others house’s, playing Doom & Doom 2 until the early hours of the morning. The OAPS Community started off as a small group of friends having a laugh gaming on a weekend while trying to stay out of the pub. But as we all know the older you get the harder the games become.

We still hold LAN party’s through out the year as you cannot beat the look on someone’s face when you have knifed them in the back 20 times in a row, the odd Unidentified flying object that comes in your general direction usually a mouse mat or an empty beer can. We call our LAN party’s OLAN which has between 10 and 20 regular gamers attending. We also have a lot of members who like a game of golf and play a lot of holes during the year, some players are a lot better than others. We organize lots of silly tournaments through out the year.

Then we have the OAPS Circle Line pub crawl which happens twice a year. We start at Victoria Station and catch a tube to every stop on the circle line, find a pub and have a beer. Yep! People end up in a right old state but its fun.

Well that’s all we have to tell about us just a bunch of friends who like to be active and socialize a lot, If you would like to join The OAPS Community Then visit our “contact us” section of the webpage.